Shared Folders

You can create common folders that everyone on your team can share and save documents to.

Create Shared Folders

To create a new shared folder, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", and select license you want to manage.

Choose "Create Shared Folders."

Create shared folders

Add a New Folder or Folders

To add a new common folder, click the "Add Folder" button.

You can create one or multiple folders by listing their names and clicking on "Save Folders".

Create shared folders

Managing Shared Folders

Once you have a shared folder, you can select it and see how many documents it contains, rename it, or delete it.

Choose manage group permissions

Enable Groups First to Manage Folder Permissions

To manage permissions, you'll first have to turn on groups. So back out of the shared folders area until you see the option to "Manage Group Permissions".

Turn on groups by clicking on the "Enable User Groups" button under "Manage Group Permissions".

Enable groups

Manage Permissions for a Shared Folder

Once groups are enabled, you can add groups or inherit groups set up by your SSO. To learn more about groups, read this page.

By default, shared folders are visible to everyone on your license. If you want the shared folder to be available only to specific groups, you'll want to specify those permissions by clicking on the "Permissions" button.

Manage folder permissions

By default, a site license will have three groups: editors, readOnly users, and administrators. If you use SSO, SmartDraw may also see groups you created for your organization. You can also add your own custom groups that apply only to SmartDraw. This page walks you through creating and managing groups.

Let's say you have a Marketing group and you now want the Marketing group to see and edit the documents in the Marketing folder.

Under permissions, make sure you add the Marketing group by clicking on "Add Groups". Then, remove the "Editor" and "ReadOnly" groups by selecting them and choosing "Remove Group."

You can also select the group and deny specific permissions like ability to edit or delete using the checkboxes to the right. Let's go over what each permission type means:

  • Read - Makes the folder and documents inside visible to users and if it's the only option selected, it restricts users to only open and view these documents.
  • Create - Allows users to create new documents, but not new sub-folders. This option also won't let users edit any documents created.
  • Edit - Allows users to edit documents, but not create new ones. This options also lets users create new sub-folders.
  • Delete - Allows users to delete documents and sub-folders. This option won't let users delete the main shared folder.

Please note that the permissions are additive, so if you check Edit, but don't check Read, your users won't be able to see any of the documents they could edit.

Add a group to a folder

Delete a Shared Folder

You can delete a shared folder at any time by selecting the folder and clicking the "Delete" button.

Any documents in the deleted folder will be transferred to the root level and users will no longer be able to save to the deleted folder.

Delete shared folders

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